Friday, January 14, 2011

Why did people like this guy?

just for the record, look at me, first post, I'm so special. But onward.

This guy. I went to a pre-release of Rise of the Eldrazi and got a foil one.What did I do the next day? EBAY. Now, it may seem that I was a bit hasty in that, but keep in mind, I made $50 from him. Right now, he sells from vendors for, at most, $15. My question is thus; why, for that short period of time, was he so coveted? sure, the +2 may seem to save you for one turn (target opponent attacks Gideon, not you), but for 5, I'd rather have something that puts me ahead, instead of just some stalling. What do you think? Did any of you buy him at the ridiculous price? For what? I've seen the planeswalker control deck, but that doesn't seem too popular.

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